“Either Side” selected for 2014 Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

I’m pleased to say the film Either Side of a Second I made last summer in Scotland with my good friend, and photog extraodinaire, Peter Dibdin was selected for the 2014 Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, screening at ShowPlace Icon Theatre on September 27th at 3pm.

If you can pop along, come say hello.

Cramond Island, Scotland

Cramond Island isn’t entirely an island when the tide rolls out each day, allowing you to walk the causeway from the mainland.  But as the tide rolls back in, the island is cut off once again—and it’s fairly common for people to turn around and find themselves stranded, if they aren’t watching the time.

Walking the perimeter along the shoreline, I crossed this pair of kayakers.  I asked, “You gentlemen mind if I get a photo of you enjoying your lunch?”

“Only if you think you’ll want to look at it later,” the neon-green beanied fellow laughs.